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How to Restore Our Divine Feminine with this Aquarius New Moon

We are at a turning point once again. We spent months realizing, identifying, accepting and releasing everything that needed to left behind. A dramatic ending heralded a new beginning, and now we are being asked to step into our authentic selves. After shedding many layers of society’s rules and regulations, other’s expectations, and the self-limiting beliefs that we had grown accustomed to, the time is finally here to reveal, release, and nurture our soul’s true purpose.

But how? The answers are not always clear, and the astrological alignments continue to keep some revelations hidden, making our path not fully illuminated. The High Priestess reminds us to surrender and trust that we know how we need to move forward. Or perhaps a better way to phrase it is that we feel what we really want.

Learning to Trust Our Intuition

Learning to separate the voice of the mind from the feelings of the heart is the first step toward embracing our intuition. For without a balance between our masculine and feminine selves, our true soul’s purpose cannot be achieved. Our inner and outer selves must be in harmony. We must respect the whispers of our intuition by letting her flowing waters guide us. The astrological placements of Venus in Pisces at this time are helping us in this regard.

When were challenged by the eclipses to end toxic relationships, habits, and patterns, The High Priestess set the stage for us with a call for stillness and deep inner reflection. Those of us who were able to quiet our minds were able to realize what we has always known, but forgotten. We agreed to put the swords away. We asked The Emperor and The Hierophant within each of us to take a back seat for a while, exchanging control for surrender and trust. This was the first step toward manifesting a new world.

A thanks to the wonderful work of Molly McCord, who is teaching me practically everything I know about astrology.