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The High Priestess and Pluto: Ten Steps From Darkness to Light

The Great Mother is powerful. She is the one who gave us all life. There is nothing more profound and mysterious than her creation. And she is resented for this by some out of envy. She represents something they cannot have or control.

That is why they pollute her and tear her heart from the earth. They pour poison into her veins and burn her lungs. She has been debased so they may stand taller upon her, stripped of her value, her torture justified in name of profit and security. And this happens amongst people too. As the rivers lead to the oceans, the blood in her veins flows to the womb.

So, prepare for The Great Deflection. They know that we are on to them. Prepare for the Great Projection because they are enraged that we dare stand up to protect her. Prepare for the loudest cries of “Witch Hunt!” yet, because they are venomous with disdain. How dare their stranglehold of control be disrupted?

We all know who really hunted the witches.

That is why this charade is not going to work. For the witches have always been the healers, and yet they burned them all. Now everyone is sick. The backlash will be caustic, but it changes nothing. The collective cat is out of the bag. And it is looking you in the eye.

The time for healing the Divine Feminine is long overdue, and now the energies of the universe are finally here to support it. May we all return to the loving arms of the Great Mother. May her steady heartbeat ground us and may her tears wash over us to cleanse our souls.