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Let’s Manifest Something Beautiful Together!

I’ve decided to use this lunar eclipse in Cancer to manifest something new and amazing, and I thought you might like to join me! I’m going to channel these incredible energies to turbocharge a transformation and manifestation spell. All you have to do is dream your dream with me!

Most of us have already begun this process, but the energies on January 10th will be at their most powerful for this transformation to be completed. It will be the final release of everything we have been trying to leave behind and the pivotal moment when we take our first step into the new world. It’s the tipping point. The moment of toggling from dark to light.

What is this eclipse about?

The full wolf moon lunar eclipse happening this Friday on January 10, 2020, is supported by an amazing astrological alignment. Check your time zone to see when the moon rises in your area. The main theme to remember is that it’s a powerful time of permanently releasing old, negative karmic cycles and creating your new life with integrity and love. Of course, all eclipses bring this kind of change, but this one is something profound and rare. We are healing the Divine Feminine and taking action in the present to create a new and better world. Some of these alignments we haven’t seen since the Middle Ages.

Remember the story of Persephone? Hades, the God of the underworld (represented by Pluto) steals her down into the underworld to be with him. In her grief, Persephone’s Mother casts the first winter across the earth. Then, when Persephone ascends from the darkness, Spring blossoms in the joy of her return. That is basically what is happening now, but all at the same time!

Going below is representative of deep introspection and self-reflection. It’s a process of figuring out what no longer serves us and making a commitment to let it go, no matter how difficult. As we surrender to this new path, we transform like the seed deep in the earth. We emerge anew, with clear purpose and intention, like the seedling growing toward the sun.

This transformative process is called “The Phoenix Rising.” The phoenix, represented by the most highly evolved form of Scorpio, self destructs in its own flames and is born again from the ashes. This transformation requires complete surrender. We must undergo an ego-death of sorts in order to truly ascend.

The astrology behind the energies

The Moon in Cancer is healing the unconscious emotional wounds we have around the mother figure. It is awakening the divine feminine and supporting us to trust and accept our feminine energies. The Sun in Mercury, the messenger, will deliver big announcements around decisions and commitments. Pluto will be conjunct Saturn at the same exact time, creating a “great reveal.” The truth is coming out, and integrity, responsibility, and dignity are going to be heralded in by the fast-moving energy of Uranus stationing direct.