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The High Priestess and Pluto: Ten Steps From Darkness to Light

Photography by the esteemed Howard Schatz, Orenstein Studios

For those of you who have experienced birthing a child from your womb, you know that there is a certain point of no return once you begin active labor. Aside from the physical pain, the psychological transformation is humbling. In one moment, you realize there is no other way but forward. You have only one option. I believe it is a beautiful rite of passage, because it teaches us that life is not, and will never be, in our control.

Birthing the New Age

Once we truly embrace this fact, no matter how uncomfortable or scary, we can find joy even while the fires burn around us. Think of this paradigm shift as the literal birthing of the New Age of the High Priestess. Those who resist it may wind up with an emergency cesarian. Either way, the baby is coming out. Up to you how difficult you make it.

We just had a planetary alignment not seen since 1523. In that year, war was already beginning to brew in Central Europe, which would culminate in the most consequential battle of Central European history, The Battle of Mohács in 1526. This battle historically marks the end of the Middle Ages. The end of an age then, and the end of an age now. 2020 will not be boring.

Why does this matter? Well, for those of us cringing at the current state of the world, you might feel like history is rhyming. Well, you are right. Big changes are afoot. But the beauty of change is that it is filled with endless possibility. Let us allow ourselves to dream up another Renaissance.

Forward Thinking or Backward Looking?

Will you be one of the ones struggling to preserve the decaying methods of power and control, or will you lead the charge toward a new world? Will you be creative or defensive? Progressive or Conservative? Forward thinking or backward looking? And I mean that in a totally non-political way, though the entendre is quite poignant.

Are you able to envision something completely new and unproven, and dream it into existence? Or will you be a furious source of destruction as you thrash about and desperately try to squeeze the last metaphoric drop of lemon juice out of the lemon? What if we tried planting more lemon trees instead? Let’s plant an orchard while we are at it.