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The Triumph of Justice - Gabriël Metsu (1629-1667)

The High Priestess and Pluto: Ten Steps From Darkness to Light

There’s no more hiding. It’s all coming out and it can’t be stopped. The time for Justice is upon us. Great, big, karmic, collective justice that will play itself out in the most local and intimate of relationships, yet will resonate to the highest reaches of the heavens.

We are in this process together. I hope you are all prepared. Those of us who have retained our moral integrity, will find relief and vindication in this revolution, though it won’t come easily. But we already know that. We keep on going in spite of the hardship.

Collective Blindness

Then there are those with no bottom who are desperate to remain in power by trumpeting false narratives. They surround themselves with those who are desperate for someone to believe in. And they choose their justifications to suit their objectives. The perfect recipe for collective blindness. The perfect environment for those who self-serve.

We see this on the world stage as well as in the home. The power hungry stop at nothing to prevent the world from discovering their fragile inauthenticity, and their followers enjoy the safety of the herd. Targeted distractions, lofty-sounding justifications, and everyone too caught up in the chaos to notice the glaring hypocrisy. False narratives soothe the nightmare.

These false prophets claw out the eyes of the collective whole to prevent it from seeing what really lurks behind that mask, but many go into blindness willingly. It is a co-dependency of monstrous proportions. Together they will fight tooth and nail to hold up that mask because they themselves don’t want to admit what’s behind it. For then they all must admit they are lost. I think we have all flirted with this reflex in moments of weakness, but some choose to live there. Some revel in it.

Behind the Mask is Fear

It’s sad, really – to live life so fearfully. Being a slave to one’s own lies, and worse yet, being a slave to the lies of others. Zero freedom. Only danger and constant, anticipatory anxiety over fear of exposure. Winning is all that matters to these people, even if the win is a tragic loss.

They won’t see it until it’s too late. And so long as they get what they want in the meantime, the ends justify the means. And for someone living from a place of fear, they will pay any price for a sense of safety – real or imagined.

But we must also remember that many of them do not know any other way. Not really. It’s something they read about in books, see in the movies, but cannot fully comprehend. Most of the time they don’t even know they’re doing it.

The cock crows loudly with self-entitlement and the lost hens follow without thinking, satiated with simple answers to questions that can in reality never be solved. They don’t realize it’s wrong. The deceit extends to self-deceit.

One Must Know Love to Give Love

For how do you describe the taste of something you’ve never tasted? How can someone fight for true freedom when they themselves are shackled by fear? How do we expect those that cannot feel true human connection to behave as humanists? And how can we expect those too afraid to think beyond what they have been told to admit the deception and their complicity in its perpetuation?

I think we must come to recognize that some people are committed to their misery because they need a scapegoat to deflect attention away from their own emptiness. For those without a sense of purpose, purposelessness is truly frightening. And there are many who would like to take cover behind whatever is offered them. Money, fame, all false senses of purpose devoid of a soul’s true journey. But conflict can act as a large shield to hide behind.

The important question to ask is if they are willing to learn. Evil is real. Some know and choose to do harm anyway. When there is evil we must call it out. For if we are all truly self made, then living in bad faith is a choice. A very ugly choice.

l’existence précède l’essence

Jean Paul Sartre

Surrender is the Greatest of all Strengths

It is possible that these people will never understand, and perhaps they will continue to leap from crisis to crisis together. But if those of us that do understand lead by the good example, the world will already be a better place for it. That upgrade alone makes it worthwhile. Then we bring humanity back to humankind.

As Pluto pulls away the veil, may the High Priestess guide our hearts and souls. Battlefields are wretched places. But even God had to send Archangel Michael. We must bring the light to the darkest places.