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I stood in the middle of the storm wondering where I might find shelter. My mind raced through a million options, none of which provided any real comfort. My heart was longing for something I could not reach. I knew exactly what it was and where to find it, but the road was laden with impossibility. All paths seemed to lead me in a circle right back to my starting point. Spinning and spinning, a frantic stillness emerged. And that is when they first spoke to me.

I closed my eyes and saw the forest grow before me. I allowed myself to dream it into being until it was real. I pulled the trees up from the earth to create the perfect canopy. On all sides the trunks and limbs wound up toward the sky revealing only the stars above. I stood under their protective embrace and saw the Earth Dragon smile upon me. Next, I drew crystals of all shapes and sizes up from the ground and she smiled at me once more. This power of creation, healing, and abundance, is the gift that the Great Mother offers if we choose to see it. This is what she wanted to show me, so, I bid the herbs and the flowers to grow luxuriously.

Beyond the farthest reaches of this valley, the Golden Dragon flew. The mountain peaks grew toward the sky, covered in the whitest of snow. Now I knew that the winds of purity and truth would guard this realm from above. She perched her magnificent frame upon the tallest stone. From here she would surveil the land. Not one dark thought would be allowed to enter.

As I lowered my gaze and turned to one side, the Water Dragon covered me with one wing. She flooded my heart and soul with the sea until my tears flowed to the floor. The healing waters of emotion washed through every crevice of my soul, turning into streams throughout my forest. Sparkling brooks curved their way through stone as she surrounded this land with her love. She would always be the gateway to the heart, as would I.

To the South the fire raged in the belly of the beast. She was beautiful and fierce. The life source of creation. The burning flame of destruction and transmutation. I looked down and saw her in my belly. I drew her up and sent her beyond the walls of this realm that I had created, to fly the skies in defense of Justice. After breathing her fire truth to mankind, only one chance to choose would remain.

Will you accept your quest for self-purification or will the Great Mother do it for you? Has the state of the world not become painfully clear? Will you be cast into the heart of the earth to be compressed into nothing but your true form? Transmuted into white light that will shine nobly from her crown? You can walk yourself through this dark night of the soul, or it can be forced upon you. Either way, you must face nothingness to be born again. Passing through perfect emptiness before shining again. Body returns to stone until the Phoenix is reborn. The grave and the womb under this moon.

From the darkness emerges the light. If you reach deep, deep down and dare to hold hope humbly and tenderly within your hands, you will find liberation. But it requires complete release and surrender. It demands that you hurl yourself blindly into wonder. It is becoming the essence of awe.

Standing in the midst of your chaos, pause. Close your eyes so that your heart may feel. Quiet the mind so that your intuition can heal. You already know the way.

As I stood surrounded by my four elemental dragons, I realized that aether had been created within me. I had beckoned them here to guide me. I had not seen the path available to me because I did not realize that I had wings. My eyes had been steadfastly affixed to the ground at my feet. I looked to the stars, shook the dust from my scales, and took to the skies, knowing that my temple would always be there – within me. I no longer needed to look for shelter.

May we all use this remaining day of the waning moon to purge that which binds us to our prisons, opting instead to manifest something glorious. The new moon in Aries will soon rise before us. We can lay ourselves upon the altar willingly or we can perish in the arms of our control. When we use our free will in the service of others, we become of Gaia. What seeds will you plant? What will you grow? We are making a new world. What will yours look like?