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What would it be like if all of the women just vanished? #UnDiaSinMujeres is taking over Mexico today, in case you haven’t heard. Women are taking to the streets, leaving workplaces empty, in order to protest the terrible violence against women that plagues this country and the world. I wouldn’t say its any better in the US – it is just a more insidious beast. The dehumanization is the same.

In a way, women already vanished a long time ago. When the divine flame was extinguished in Vesta’s temple, consumption overtook the world. Existence grew into a plague. An insatiable hunger that was no longer balanced by a reverence for creation. An entitlement to the fruits of the earth – raped and pillaged – while the Great Mother, cast aside, was devoured before our eyes. Her entire existence reduced to serving us. This dynamic seems to keep playing itself out from the smallest corners of our homes to the macrocosm of our current state of affairs.

Saturn, the planet of restriction and oppression, will be leaving Pisces soon and making his way into Aquarius, the sign of great new visions for the world. New radical paradigms are emerging. The rules are changing.

This full moon in Virgo is the time of purification of the long lost Goddess. Virgo will be driven to clean up this mess we made. May the Goddess shed the vile slanders that have been cast upon her for generations. She has borne them long enough. The seeds we planted at our last new moon will now begin to bloom. May woman stand beautifully proud in her own skin without shame. The shame does not belong to her, but to them. The sacred sensual force that is the Divine Feminine has been reignited and there will be no apologies.

We spent the last weeks wandering through the Piscean wonderland of angels and demons, wondering what is real. Spinning dazed through dreams and visions, trying to decipher what is meant to be. Wondering when we were awake and when we were really dreaming. Well, the truth is, we are manifesting our visions all the time. Which dream will you bring about?

Will you fall into the snowballing world of darkness? Or will you generate a world of brave new beginnings? Wherever your mind continues to wander is what you are feeding. Choose wisely. The chains of the devil are nurtured by fear, collective blindness, and hysteria.

Venus now sits in Taurus, her home, where she feels safe and at peace. She is conjunct Neptune, the planet of ancient wisdom and the future, where she will be showing us what we really care about. What really matters to you on a soul level? Are you listening to your heart? Or are you accepting your chains, your prison? Are you succumbing to the labels placed upon you? Hopelessness, powerlessness, predetermination? So small under the weight of the world. They want you to accept the role of the victim. That is the way they control you.

Well, for me, I am not letting them write my story. This is an opportunity to bring our self-worth to a higher frequency. Dare to love yourself enough to stand up for what is rightfully yours. No matter how angry it makes them. No matter how much they beat you back down. Stand up anyway. Reestablishing balance will never be pleasant for those at the top. They will try to protect their spoils. I am glad Mexican women are fighting for this today. I will be joining them. Mercury is about to go direct – let’s make our voices heard.

The womb of creation exists within each one of us. The divine feminine – that is the spark. Casting women aside amounts to self-destruction. We see what our world is becoming. When will they all open their eyes to the truth that is before them? Will they deny it still as the waters consume them? As the fires ravage everything around us?

I know what it’s like when the bottom falls out and everyone just looks the other way. Silent onlookers masking their cowardice with a self-righteous facade of neutrality. They will all face their karma in due time. But the bottom line is this – nobody will fight this fight for us. If we don’t honor ourselves, who will?

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.

– Elie Wiesel

The hearth is ablaze and Vesta has swung open the doors to her temple. It is time to reclaim who we really are – fully. Do not look away.