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Affirmation for Happiness: I Take Action Toward My Dreams

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Take a chance on your dreams
take a chance on your dreams affirmation the fool tarot card meanings major arcana embody the tarot

Is it finally time to take the first step? At some point we have to choose to take a chance on our dreams. If you want to embody this affirmation for happiness you will need to have the courage to take actions toward your dreams. You will need to choose to take action toward your dreams.

Sometimes planning and preparation is no longer needed. Rather we just need a simple “Okay, let’s go!” With this in mind, meditate on this positive affirmation for happiness and be the one to make it happen.

The Fool carries a little rucksack and walks gingerly along the path. But what matters is that he really is walking along the path. He trusts in the universe and in his own abilities to adapt and persevere. Do you?

Take a chance on your life. Choose to take a chance on your dreams – nobody else can do it for you. So embody this positive affirmation for happiness and visualize yourself on the path. Then walk it. That is how we embody the teachings of The Fool.



tarot flower
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