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Daily Tarot – Choose Love

If you seek love, become love.

affirmation for love I choose love

Are you looking to bring love into your life? We all see these affirmations and hear the advice. But, how do you choose love if it doesn’t choose you?

Many of us have so much love to give, but can’t seem to find the right person to give it to.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: that person is you.

If you want to attract love into your life, choose love. Love for yourself. That is how we manifest love. We must embody it first.

Then, from this place of abundant self-love, you will attract others who are able and willing to receive. Because remember, people can only meet you at the level that they can meet themselves. And many people are too afraid to look honestly into the mirror.

Here’s a little poem for you that you can read when you’re feeling lonely or confused, so that you will always remember how to love YOU!

if you seek love become love choose love affirmation embodiment the empress tarot card major arcana

Today and every day, I choose love

When life is hard, I choose love

When the sun shines and when it’s dark

it’s love I choose

That’s love for self and love for you

And when I’m feeling most confused

I choose love

Because it’s what connects us

in all we do

If you seek love, become love first. Remember this when you meditate on this affirmation for love. You attract love when you become love. But not just love for others – you must love yourself first. Like The Lovers and The Empress in the tarot, there is a divine love waiting for you if you create it for yourself first.

Nurture your own heart in everything you do. Have compassion for yourself and then for others. Hold yourself in high regard and do not hold space for relationships that do not fully honor you. Instead, cherish those relationships that cherish you.

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