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Embodying Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt: 12:12 Portal and New Moon in Sagittarius 2023

by Dec 11, 2023Daily Tarot, Goddess Embodiment

Pursue your dreams relentlessly!

This Sagittarius new moon 2023 is happening on the 12:12 portal – a gateway to harmony, balance and love. The fiery energy of Sagittarius bids us to dream big, pursue our goals, travel and move toward our vision of the future.

Is there anything standing in your way? Are you still holding on to past fears or doubts? Let the goddess Artemis inspire you to charge forward on your path with precision, diligence and fearlessness. There is a whole new world awaiting you if you are ready to heed the call of the wild!

Who is the Goddess Artemis?

Enter the realm of Artemis, the fearless goddess of the hunt, in the rich tapestry of ancient Greek mythology. Born of the mighty Zeus and the titaness Leto, Artemis emerges as a divine archer, a guardian of the wild, and a symbol of untamed feminine strength. Picture her against the backdrop of moonlit nights, navigating dense forests with an unmatched agility that mirrors the swift, elusive creatures she pursues.

Artemis the Divine Feminine Power

Artemis, with her bow in hand and a quiver gracefully strapped to her back, personifies self-reliance and determination. Her essence intertwines with the beauty of nature, making her a beacon of inspiration for those who resonate with the call of the wild. She’s not just a goddess; she’s a representation of the strength and independence inherent in the feminine spirit.

How to Embody Goddess Artemis

To embody Artemis is to heed the call of the untamed, to draw strength from solitude, and to navigate life’s thicketed paths with precision. As we channel her spirit, we tap into reservoirs of resilience and intuition, empowering ourselves to confront challenges and forge our unique paths toward cherished goals. Artemis, the huntress, becomes a guide through the unexplored territories of our aspirations, encouraging us to cultivate our skills and connect deeply with our instincts.

The Artemis Goddess Card

When the Artemis Goddess card graces your Tarot reading, it heralds a call to embrace the daring spirit of the huntress within. This powerful archetype encourages you to step boldly into uncharted territories, just as Artemis navigates the dense forests with unwavering determination. The appearance of this card signals a time to hone your skills and trust your instincts, much like the skilled archer herself.

Artemis beckons you to dare greatly, pursue your dreams with an agile and focused mind, and find strength in your self-reliance. It’s a cosmic nod, urging you to embrace the wild beauty of your aspirations, become both the hunter and the hunted in the pursuit of your goals, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with the fearless grace of the goddess of the hunt.

Embrace Adventure and Determination like the Goddess Artemis

Imagine embracing her teachings—cultivating the skills that make you unstoppable, trusting your instincts as you navigate the complexities of life, and fearlessly venturing into uncharted territories. Artemis’s symbolic presence whispers through the wind and rustles in the leaves, calling us to embody her essence. In this journey, we become both the hunter and the hunted, pursuing our dreams with determination and embracing the wild landscapes that shape our unique narratives. It’s a celebration of feminine power, a dance with the untamed, and an exploration of self that echoes the spirit of Artemis throughout the ages.

Learn How to Embody the Goddess Artemis

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