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I Look at Every Situation From a New Perspective

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When you meet resistance, find a new perspective

Whenever we are met with resistance, no matter how sure we are that our way is the best way, we must take a moment to see the world differently and find a new perspective. The Hanged Man of the Major Arcana hangs from one foot calmly as he contemplates the world. He pauses to reflect and consider alternatives.

So, next time you are facing a difficult situation, remember this affirmation. Pause and take a moment to embody this lesson and it will guide through challenges and enlighten you with new ideas! Enjoy this little Hanged Man’s poem and read it again the next time you find yourself in a frustrating situation!

a new perspective affirmation the hanged man tarot card meanings daily tarot

When frustration rears its ugly head put old habits straight to bed

The Hanged Man turns himself upside down to get a new view from his crown

When we are certain of the solution, yet meet resistance at every conclusion

We are talking more and listening less – enforcing limits on the limitless

Try a third way, not the yes and not the no, but a story still untold

Contemplate this message when you meditate on this affirmation for a new perspective, and enjoy all of the inspirational benefits of this wise archetype!



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