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Slow Down to Discover the Magic of Life

slow down daily tarot inspiration
I give myself permission to slow down and enjoy life.
Daily tarot oracle message affirmation slow down

Slow down to discover the magic of life. What will you discover?

When you take on a slower pace of life you become more receptive to the answers from your heart’s wisdom. You also begin to connect more deeply with loved ones. So don’t be afraid to do things slowly or take time out.

Today’s tarot and oracle card, “Slow Down,” reminds you that life is not a race. Besides, it’s much more enjoyable when you are in the moment!

Taking on this new pace of life will always set a solid foundation for everything you want to manifest, create and achieve. You provide space to further imagine and dream of what else is possible. Remember you are infinite possibility.

So, slow down. Release the unwanted chatter in the mind. Free your heart from your mind. And take your time, in your day-to-day life. Everything on your “to do” list will get done, trust us! Like The High Priestess of the major arcana, take a moment in stillness and listen to the voice of your intuition.

Daily tarot slow down oracle message

You deserve to slow down and enjoy whatever you’re placing your energy into. Whether it is taking the time each day to sit and eat your dinner with loved ones, give yourself a bath with essential oils, or to read your favorite book. There is always time for you in each day.

As you slow down and discover the beauty in each experience, your heart will begin to open wide for receiving. It is the perfect way to manifest all of your dreams.

So, relax, loved ones! We are sure you are feeling burned out or mentally drained. But you know what? Life is much more fun and wholesome when you are calm, relaxed and of course when you… slow down.

What are you doing to slow down and practice self-care today?

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