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Have you ever wished for something and then thought to yourself “that’s silly” or “that could never happen for me?”

Well, you know what? When we say that to ourselves, we are right. If we tell ourselves that it’s not for us, then it won’t be.

We come up with many reasons or explanations for why we aren’t deserving of something. Whether because of obligations, social pressures, age, or other limiting beliefs, most of us have stood in our own way before.

But have you ever considered that if you allow yourself to really believe that anything can happen, that you open the door to those possibilities?

Dare to dream, dare to manifest. And you might just find that you can accomplish anything.

The Universe is Our Reflection

lotus flower reflection

The first step toward manifesting anything in your life is accepting it as a reality. The universe is like a giant mirror. What we put out into the world is reflected back to us.

If we believe negative things about ourselves they will manifest in our daily lives. When we believe we are not worthy, we attract energies that do not value us.

When we believe that everything will be difficult, then life will most often be difficult. However, it works the other way around too.

If you want to manifest abundance of any kind in your life, you must first recognize and acknowledge the abundance that is all around you. One of the best ways of doing this is by practicing gratitude.

Gratitude is the First Step Toward Manifesting Abundance

When we talk about gratitude, it doesn’t mean “things could be worse, so be thankful.” It means putting our focus on the abundance that already exists all around us, no matter how small. And the more energy and attention we give to those small, beautiful things in our lives, the more they will grow.

It might take a little practice, but you will discover that life is all about perception, and we can change our reality through altering our perception. We’ve all heard the adage “glass half full or half empty.” Well, this is truly where it begins.

Dare to Dream, Dare to Manifest

So, how big will you allow yourself to dream? Because our manifestations can only be as big as our dreams. And we place the limits on what we allow ourselves to dream. Go ahead. Be bold. Be outrageous and believe in yourself the way that you truly want to. Don’t be shy. Embody what you wish for and it can be yours.

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