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Are you watching others and comparing yourself to them? Are you trying to be something you know doesn’t really align with your true self? When you embody the Goddess within, you stop feeling the need to compare, fix and prove yourself.

If all of this sounds familiar and you’re feeling stressed or down because of it, then embodiment practice can really help.

When you have embodied the Goddess within you, you rid yourself of the inner conflicts that cause stress and anxiety so that you can live with self-confidence instead. 

We are all raised to live up to certain standards, and these kinds of cultural norms help us to live in peace with one another.

But sometimes these expectations become so pervasive, that we lose our individuality.

Who Are You Really?

In today’s world of selfies and social media, our self-image has been put on display for the world. We are judged at every turn by the number of likes, views and followers we have.

And when we aren’t deeply rooted in ourselves, this can become really destructive. It creates an endless cycle of striving to be prettier, more likable, more this, less that.

Sometimes we spend years striving to achieve certain benchmarks without even asking ourselves if they are what we really want.

When we live with an inner conflict between what is expected of us and what actually resonates with who we are and what we value, the result is unhappiness, apathy, anxiety and even depression.

Embody Your Inner Goddess by Living an Authentic Life

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In order to embody your inner Goddess, you must live in authenticity. So, what does that mean exactly?

When we look deep inside ourselves, deep into our own hearts, and ask the real, honest questions, we find our true nature.

When we replace the “I shoulds” and “I shouldn’ts” with “I desire” and “I require,” we begin to unearth the ways in which we are abandoning ourselves.

Naturally, we must always act from a place of love and compassion for others. Our self-love should never be at the expense of someone else. But we must love ourselves first before we can truly love another. And others can not truly love us if we do not love ourselves.

Goddess Yourself to Find Abundance and Joy

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