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Glowing radiant skin, curves in all the right places, a smile that lights up the room. Isn’t that what we’re all going for? So, how do we achieve that level of perfection? I’m going to tell you how to be more beautiful, and the answer might surprise you.

Beautiful From the Inside Out?

Most of us heard it from our moms at some point, “what matters is what is on the inside.” But most of us also probably realized pretty quickly that being beautiful on the inside didn’t make us happier with our reflection in the mirror.

It didn’t make that dress fit better. It didn’t make that person we liked notice us. So, most of us set about trying to fix ourselves. We tried losing weight, buying the popular clothing brands, changing our hair, and whatever else would turn out to be the magical combination.

On Instagram and other social media platforms we see women with fillers in not just their faces, botox, plastic surgery – the beauty standards are almost not even human anymore.

So, who are these people who are just effortlessly beautiful? They seemed to have it all figured out. Do they? Are they real? Are they happy? Would they dare to go out without make-up or post selfies without filters? What are we missing? Is any of this “work” actually making them or us happier and more confident deep down?

In my personal experience, from all of the wonderful women I’ve known on both sides of that fence, the answer is “no.” Women are not becoming more confident. They are becoming beholden to a standard that they believe they need to achieve to impress others. And it has nothing to do with their actual needs, happiness or fulfillment.

Embody Beauty to Shine

Mom was partially right. Beauty does shine from the inside out. But there is one step that mom forgot to tell most of us about: we need to embody beauty to shine.

Now, that doesn’t mean covering up your flaws. It doesn’t mean hiding our bad parts. It doesn’t mean pretending you’re something you’re not. It doesn’t mean copying that influencer or doing your make up or cosmetic procedures like the people you see on reality TV shows.

When we embody beauty, we are confident and strong. We radiate our inner Goddess. But it also doesn’t mean not caring about our appearance. Quite the contrary. When we self-love, we self-care. But the objective is different.

Rather than trying to achieve a standard set by others, we set our own standard in a way that is unshakeable. And believe me, people notice. That is how you achieve that effortless beauty.

Ditch the Comparing and Start Self-Caring

Instead of fixing, striving, comparing and proving ourselves to the world, when we embody the Goddess within, we radiate our most beautiful qualities fearlessly. We nurture and support ourselves as we manage our fears and insecurities with love instead of judgment and shame.

We care for our beautiful bodies with healthy foods and natural skin care so that we are at our personal best. And we shine body, mind and spirit. And that is the kind of confidence that lights up the room.

That is the kind of energy that turns heads and makes people say “wow!”

And guess what? It means we are no longer competing with other women, and instead are supporting each other and being ourselves fearlessly. Are you ready to meet other women who want to ditch the game and be real? We only have one beautiful life to live and maybe it will be more beautiful if we share it together in harmony, rather than judgment.

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