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The Hierophant – Tarot Card Meanings of the Major Arcana

hierophant tarot card meanings major arcana embody
Religion, tradition, institutions, conformity.
the hierophant tarot card affirmation

It’s a powerful and important tarot card, so when The Hierophant appears in your reading, pay attention!

This tarot card represents society and tradition – especially religious institutions. That’s why this card is often associated with marriage.

The Hierophant is the archetype of the sacred masculine. It advises you to stick to the tried and true and find security within your community at this time.

The Hierophant Tarot Card Summarized

The counterpart of The High Priestess, The Hierophant tarot card symbolizes tradition, conformity, religion, and institutions. The systems of belief of this archetype provide comfort and security to the collective. Often associated with The Pope, The Hierophant is responsible for passing down spiritual knowledge and tradition. In your tarot card reading, The Hierophant often indicates that a wise teacher or mentor will be coming your way.

The Hierophant in the Past

If you’ve got The Hierophant in the past position, you may come from a religious background. Your past may be full of traditions and a strong community. This influences your current situation greatly.

Whether you recently took a course on religion, joined a new spiritual community, or were brought up in a religious household, this card represents the spiritual norms you shared with others.

The Hierophant in the Present

In the present position, The Hierophant tarot card advises you not to rock the boat at this time. Whatever situation you are dealing with, you will be better off if you follow traditional wisdom and best practices. Seek the advice of your community leaders if you need, and bear in mind everything you have learned throughout your lifetime. Then make your decisions from there.

The Hierophant in the Future

You may have a wise teacher or mentor coming into your life in the near future. Whatever project or relationship you are currently dealing with, it will benefit you to consider it from a perspective of community and tradition. Be open to learning from the past and from others.

We should never blindly follow the beliefs of others, but there is great value in the lessons of our elders and our traditions. This is one of those times where you will find answers in the stories of the past.

Your Love Reading andThe Hierophant

the hierophant tarot card love meaning

The Hierophant in your love reading indicates that your relationship will be moving to the next level. You will begin to see your partnership in the context of society and traditions, and marriage may even be in in your future.

If you are currently single, you will be attracting a relationship that is stable and traditional. You may be meeting someone at church or at a local community event. This relationship will be of a spiritual and divine nature.

Your Career Reading andThe Hierophant

In relation to a career reading, The Hierophant advises you to stick to best practices and the traditional way of doing things. If you need guidance, go ahead and seek the advice of a mentor. This is a card of learning and also of working in groups. Be sure to include team members and put the wellbeing of the project and group first.

Your Health Reading and The Hierophant

The Hierophant in your health reading indicates a stable and positive outlook. Just don’t try anything new and risky at this time. This tarot card advises sticking to the tried and true. Whether its traditional medicine or a well-balanced diet, stick to moderation and a conservative approach to your health.

Your Spirituality Reading andThe Hierophant

the hierophant tarot card meaning

Although the Hierophant represents tradition and religious norms, if you are on a spiritual journey, then this card can bring a deeper meaning.

Primarily this is a card of study, learning from your elders and from traditions. But once the spiritual rituals and practices have been learned and fully understood, the next step is to forge your own spiritual path.

The Hierophant does not condone blindly following others’ beliefs. Rather, one ought to learn everything there is to know from our traditions, and then make up one’s own mind. Pull the wisdom from all of the teachings you have come across, and then make your own way with what you know.

The Hierophant Tarot Card in Reverse

In the reverse, The Hierophant can indicate fanaticism or dogma. Whenever a card presents in the reversed position, the aspects of this archetype are out of balance. If they are in excess, tradition conformity turns to judgment and control. This can also be a warning to look within for answers. It can also be a sign that you should stand up to the status quo!

If the energies of this card are lacking, then it could indicate that you should return to your community and tradition. Perhaps you have become too isolated and disconnected from the traditions of your past. Self-reflect and it will become clear how this energy is resonating with you.

Symbology of The Hierophant

In the original Rider-Waite tarot deck, The Hierophant sits on a throne wearing white and red robes and an ornate crown. This crown is made up of three tiers, which represent one of the domains over which he rules: the subconscious; the conscious, and the superconscious.

He is pointing two fingers to the sky and holds a three-tiered scepter in his other hand. At his feet lay two skeleton keys. One is the key to heaven, or higher consciousness. And the other is the key to hades, or the instinctual unconscious.

How to Embody The Hierophant Tarot Card

the hierophant tarot card message

Embody the lessons of The Hierophant tarot card by making time for religious rituals and traditions. Spend time with your spiritual community and listen with an open mind and an open heart. There are great teachings in the stories of our elders.

Then, reflect upon all that you have learned and forge your own path. The Hierophant is a spiritual leader and a scholar. He is the sacred masculine, the High Priest. From a place of knowledge, experience and wisdom, walk your own spiritual path.

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