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Gemini Full Moon 2023: Invoking the Goddess Artemis

by Nov 27, 2023Daily Tarot, Goddess Embodiment

Charge forward like the goddess Artemis
goddess artemis gemini full moon 2023 goddess embodiment sagittarius season

For this beautiful full moon in Gemini, 2023, I will be invoking the Goddess Artemis, as we have just moved into the sun sign of Sagittarius. The Goddess Artemis hunts in the wild with her fiery bow and arrow. She is driven, adventurous and filled with confidence and prowess. This Greek Goddess was also revered as the goddess of the moon, so it’s a perfect time to channel her passionate energy!

Sagittarius season connects us with our dreams, our inner passion, travel and adventure. As a fire sign, Sagittarius season invites us to reconnect with the burning flame within, our sacral chakra. It’s a great time to balance your seven chakras and focus particularly on healing and strengthening the sacral and solar plexus chakras. One represents our passion, and the other our drive to take action. It’s a winning combination!

Try practicing yoga, meditation, sound baths and dance to ignite your inner fire! If you want to channel the Goddess Artemis with me, join me for one of our Goddess Yoga classes online or in person!

Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Message

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“Dream it into Being: Full Moon in Gemini, 2023”

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