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If your twin flame encounter was anything like mine, you’ll be able to relate when I say that it was simply mind blowing. Twin flame sex is explosive. It is interdimensional. Twin flame sex is earth shattering and healing at the same time.

Which is why, when the twin flame separation happens, you are left wondering how the universe could be so cruel as to bring you something so inexplicably beautiful, only to take it away. But the thing to remember is that the universe is challenging you to embody the Goddess Kali. You are being called to bring forth the deepest, most raw version of yourself. And no matter how liberated and evolved you think you might be, there is more to discover. That is your twin flame’s purpose and role in your life.

The thing is, your twin flame journey is not just about spiritual ascension. Twin flame sex is like the cosmic big bang that sets the whole thing into motion – at least it was for me. Then we do the work. We become light workers. We self-love, we self-heal, we help others, and still we aren’t coming into our twin flame union. Why? What are we missing?

Twin Flame Sex – A Walk on the Wild Side

divine feminine, goddess embodiment, twin flame journey, twin flame sex, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

I met my twin when I first came out of hiding after my second divorce, and it was the most amazing, mind blowing month of passion, intimacy and exploration I had ever experienced. I found myself switching roles. Whereas I had always been attracted to men who dominate in bed, with him, I was wanting to take the lead. I wanted to devour him. I found myself doing things and wanting things that I had never felt stir within me before. And for him, this twin flame sex experience was the same.

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The Twin Flame Separation

divine feminine, goddess embodiment, twin flame journey, twin flame sex, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

And then the period of twin flame separation began and I crumbled. I was angry at the universe for taking that beautiful love away from me. I had already lost my children and my entire life during my divorce. The robo completo of my four beautiful boys, my life and livelihood almost killed me. Why would the universe be so cruel? Why couldn’t the universe have left me in that state of numbness where I didn’t know what I was missing my entire life?

But you see, my twin flame woke me back up, and that was the divine plan. There is a reason why we often meet our twins at the lowest point in life. As light workers we have an important task here on Earth. As Earth Angels, we are tested and tried by the gods. We are broken to see if we can put ourselves back together again. For me, the universe had decided that it was time for this divine feminine goddess to burst out from her chrysalis. Undeniably, it was my twin flame lover that snapped me out of that dreadful daze. 

Your Twin Flame is Your Mirror Soul

divine feminine, goddess embodiment, twin flame journey, twin flame sex, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

I felt like I had been a zombie walking the earth until that moment. I remembered who I was and how I felt before I became a wife and mother. Before the abuse began. I remembered that fire I had in my belly, the innocent and pure love, the freedom of expressing my passions. My heart chakra burst open with the most magnificent green and pink shining light. When we had sex I felt like I was channeling the entire universe through my body. Shaking, trembling, exploding. And there was no putting that genie back in the bottle. My inner kundalini fire was awake and shining, but my work was not done.

You see, after two sequential, loveless marriages – a 20-year, suffocating holding pattern – I hardly recognized myself anymore. I married when I was 23, just out of college. I had missed the years of being single, dating and exploring my sexuality. And I had never felt safe and loved enough within those two marriages to really explore my deepest desires. I needed to take a walk on the wild side, and I needed to take that walk on my own. We all do.

Twin Flame Separation Doesn’t Exist

divine feminine, goddess embodiment, twin flame journey, twin flame sex, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

A lot of issues came up during the twin flame separation. A lot of preconceived notions and beliefs surfaced that I didn’t even realize I had. Issues around my worth at my age, my desirability. A feeling of being disconnected from the world, like I had gotten stuck in some past timeline. Was I too broken to be loved? Would I ever find something this beautiful again? Was this rejection? Did it reflect my value? Was I crazy for thinking this was my twin flame? Was it all in my head?

In a twin flame connection, you have to remember that there is no such thing as being separated from your twin flame. Whether you are in twin flame union or separation, it is the same. This love cannot be destroyed. It can only grow stronger. Through feelings of anger, hurt, frustration and even indifference – the light continues to shine, the flame continues to burn. It cannot be extinguished. You cannot control any of it, except for your daily choices regarding your own soul path.

Twin Flame Sex – Exploring Our Shadows

Death tarot card meaning, scorpio zodiac, Major Arcana, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

After bouts of grief, anger and depression, I decided to put it all behind me and move forward boldly. I was amazed to discover how much younger men actually love older women. What I first assumed was an attraction to being mothered, or the result of mommy issues, revealed itself to be an attraction to the unburdened love I was offering. 

I wasn’t looking to get something out of a man. I just wanted him. I wasn’t looking for a husband, father of my children, or a stable provider. I wasn’t looking for someone to spoil me or make me feel better. I wasn’t placing any burden of expectation on the men I was dating. I was just looking for great chemistry and soul connection in its purest form. I wanted to experience love in the present moment. So simple and so profound. I had freedom and passion and wasn’t afraid to express it.

The Twin Flame Journey in the 3D

the star tarot card meaning major arcana , aquarius zodiac, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

The period of twin flame separation was intense. I healed ancestral karma, I worked on my self-love and self-healing. I rebuilt my life, released the agony of having my children stolen from me. Started my career over from scratch in my mid 40’s. I made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I created a beautiful circle of people in my life that would never betray me. Anyone with that kind of negativity was quickly whisked out of my life by the universe. And I welcomed it.

I built myself a new paradise. I explored things with men – not my twin flame – until I fully came into myself. Those things that used to make me giggle no longer intimidated me. I felt fully empowered. I felt the goddess Shakti burning within me. Nobody, not even my twinflame, could affect this anymore. This powerful divine feminine cosmic energy came from within me. 

Redirecting the Focus Within

the devil tarot card meaning, twin flame union, twin flame separation, twin flame sex, major arcana, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

You see, it was never about my twin flame, he was just my mirror to show me what I already had inside of me all along. Our twin flame sex sparked my ascension. My twin flame lover had initiated a kundalini awakening, but it was up to me to do the work of exploring those aspects of myself that had been trapped before. And the closer I got to myself, the closer I got to my twin flame.

I took the time to explore all of those aspects of myself that I always thought were “just not me.” But why not? Isn’t that the most authentic way to achieve true balance and harmony? By exploring both sides? If I believe “I am this way,” why not explore being a different way just to see what I might learn from the experience. Of course, my lovers were not my twin flame. And the wonderful sex I had with my lovers was not twin flame sex. However, it was beautiful in its own way. It was gorgeous and liberating and healing in its own right. 

Transmuting Your Shadows into Gold

twin flame sex, twin flame union, twin flame journey, twin flame separation, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

The end result was profound. I became fuller, rounder, more whole and more centered than I had ever been. By embracing the shadow parts, by actually exploring them and walking with them, I realized they were never bad at all.

The shadows just needed to have the light shined upon them. They needed to be held, accepted and valued just like everything else.

A shadow does not need to be a trauma. It can simply be unfulfilled potential. A place where fear hides.

A shadow does not need to be a trauma. It can simply be unfulfilled potential. A place where fear hides.

Divine Timing and Unconditional Love

divine feminine, goddess embodiment, twin flame journey, twin flame sex, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

I love my twin flame unconditionally and I hold no resentment towards him. I am not able to. He can do no wrong. This is what is meant by unconditional love. Although I have felt the range of emotions from anger, to jealousy, to frustration, these feelings are always fleeting. They are always replaced by love, because I know from the depths of my heart that his intentions are pure, and so are mine. 

Every time we tried to come together over the years, the universe intervened. The notion of divine timing is true. And even though I suffered and longed for him, I knew that it was not in his control any more than it was in mine. This is the lesson of non-attachment. The complete surrender in order to break the chains of The Devil Tarot card.

Manifesting the Divine Feminine Goddess in Your Daily Life

The World Tarot card meaning, major arcana, Midjourney Art by Vanessa Hylande

So, my twin flame journey wasn’t just about healing old wounds or ascending spiritually. It was also about fully coming back into my power as a woman in the 3D, in terms of my sexuality, career, financial stability, friendships and community, and passion projects. It was about coming fully into my Shakti power. The twin flame journey demands that you embody all forms of abundance in your life, for yourself, by yourself. You literally must become The Empress.

Getting back on your life’s path is not done from within a twin flame connection. A twin flame relationship is so powerful that it would overshadow all of the work you must do for yourself. The universe will hold you to your task. It will hold your feet to the fire. 

As long as you are looking for your twin to fill a hole, whether it’s the desire for partnership, stability, passion or anything else – until you find everything you could ever need or want from life within yourself, you will remain in separation. Until you no longer yearn for your twin flame, until you are completely neutral and happy with or without them, you have not completed your twin flame assignment.

The Empress tarot card divine feminine tarot inner goddess, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

So, rejoice and do the work joyfully, and never forget that your twin flame is already with you.

Everyone’s twin flame journey is totally unique. If you need support or advice about your twin flame journey, feel free to contact us. We offer divine feminine Goddess Yoga Retreats, online sacred circles, private sessions and tarot card readings.

Have thoughts and experiences to share? We’d love to hear about your twin flame journey!

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