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It’s raining outside as I write this. Big, heavy drops of rain. The showering cleanses everything, even my soul. Like tears falling from the eyes of great skies, I release everything.

Rebirth is messy. The seedling sprouts from a dark, warm, place far away from the sun. Enveloped in a lightless comfort, everything falls apart to allow new life to grow forth. We must not be afraid of the night from within which we are born. It requires that we relinquish control. This has been a time to journey below.

Every hero that ever journeyed had to face that moment of darkness. Without it, how could we ever fly into the skies? Bound forever to Middle Earth? A place of comfort. A place of security. A place of self-imposed limits. A place confined to the rational mind, devoid of the magic of music and spirit.

I see a lot of womb fear in men and women alike, and I have spent my fair share of days trembling with that same terror and indecision. In a black sky, the stars shine the brightest. Hold on to that dream.

A time of transition and change is upon us. We just wandered through the new moon in Capricorn, which was also a partial solar eclipse. When the sun is darkened by the moon, our emotions and the unconscious come to the fore. We can no longer pretend.

The bright rays of the rational, masculine, sun no longer blind us with their brightness. We are required to see what is transpiring below. This was a time to let go of that which no longer serves us.

Now we approach a Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 21st. Get ready for the great reveal of the shadow side of humanity as we know it. Get ready to unleash your inner wolf and howl at the moon as you step forward to lead humanity to a new and better place. Take heed of the lessons learned in the underworld and walk boldly back into Middle Earth with purpose.

This upcoming lunar eclipse is occurring on the two year anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington of January 21, 2017. Let us close this two-year eclipse cycle with bold new action. You know who you are, sisters.