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Intuition - the more time you spend with her, the stronger her voice becomes.
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The things that grow are the things we we focus on. So, strengthen your intuition by listening, and seek your answers within your stillness. Improve your flow by receiving and letting go of control. This is how we embody this positive affirmation for intuition.

The High Priestess is the archetype of the sacred feminine. She is that “yang” element, the receiver, the vessel. This Major Arcana card is a very important archetype in the querent’s journey to ascension.

So, rather than doing and controlling, pause for a moment. What do you feel? What do you hear? Which things do you know deep in your bones?

Take the time to pause and seek the answers within. You’ll know you’ve found them when your heart fills with peace and serenity. This is the deep inner knowing of your intuition. We need both yin and yang to become a full circle. Embrace your inner divine feminine as well as your sacred masculine side.

What you are feeling, hearing and knowing, that is the voice of your High Priestess. And the more time you spend with her, the stronger her voice will grow. So, repeat this positive affirmation for intuition and embody it as often as you can until it becomes natural and constant. This will bring you inner peace and tranquility, I promise!

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