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Vanessa Hylande AI Art the fool tarot card

Standing blissfully at the precipice, I am ready to step into the void of infinite possibility. The Warrior God has come home to his own temple. The illusions have been cast away now that we’ve left Pisces behind, and what our hearts are longing for has become stunningly clear.

I am peeling off the layers of burdens. Layer upon layer of obligation and concession. When did my armor become so heavy? Since when did I think I needed it to walk responsibly through the world? Buried under self-imposed restrictions that never belonged to me? No, let this last Lunar Eclipse close out this chapter. We all choose our shackles because somewhere in our hearts we have bought into the notion that we must.

In the great space of nothingness, a new beginning emerges. So, I deliberately peel the armor from my skin. All of the labels I will no longer carry. All of the conditions that I have shouldered for too long. I will walk forward with nothing but my soul.

My spirit is standing naked in the space of infinite possibility. I return to zero.

First a sound. Then a touch, a sight, a taste, a smell. I am created anew. Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. I step forward. Never to abandon myself again.

The Star represents the purity of hope. That undefiled dream that arises from the rubble that litters the ground after The Tower‘s collapse and destruction. Sometimes structures must come cashing down, especially those ones we erect within our own hearts and minds.

Dare to make your world anew. Dare to embrace the childlike innocence of The Fool. Mars returning to his temple, Aries, gives us a chance to pursue our passions with vigor. Send the warrior out on your soul’s mission. Blaze your heart’s trail. We don’t always need armor in battle. Not when we fly high enough.